To Senator Al Franken (D) on Cabinet Hearings


After marching in the St. Paul Women’s March, I caught up with political happenings on YouTube and came across highlights from recent cabinet hearings. Impressed by Al Franken’s tough questioning, I wrote him a letter of thanks.

Hi Al,

I’d just like to thank you most emphatically for your tough questioning of Trump’s cabinet nominees, Tom Price and Betsy DeVos. I am appalled that they would even be considered for these posts based on their corporate ties and personal financial connections to the issues they’re saying they can be impartial on.

I was especially disheartened by Mrs. DeVos’ blatant ignorance on issues facing our country’s students and teachers. My parents are both teachers, my fiancee’s parents are both teachers, and my fiancee, Ryan, teaches students with Autism in North Minneapolis, so I’m very familiar with the challenges schools face. Mrs. DeVos couldn’t even discuss one of the most common discussions in education policy – proficiency vs growth standards. That’s not “wonk-ish.” It’s basic. And she’s supposed to lead the Dept of Education? It’s unbelievable. It terrifies me to think what she could do to dismantle progress made during the Obama administration and how that could hold back students like Ryan’s over the next few years.

Ryan and I thank you for your strong leadership, staunch opposition, and willingness to speak out (even if occasionally going a minute or two over 😉 ).

I marched in St. Paul yesterday and am looking for more, significant ways to take action in this new era. Please let supporters know how we can help.

Thanks again,

Lindsey Graff (& Ryan Wilsey)


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